PXE booting over IPv6

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In 15.x releases IPv6 static and RIP routing is supported with IP Base as
well. This is the case for the regular, -E, and -X series switches.

To use all IPv6 features in this chapter, the switch or stack master must
be running the IP services feature set. Switches running the IP base
feature set support only IPv6 static routing and RIP for IPv6.



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On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 1:15 PM, Nick Hilliard <nick at foobar.org> wrote:

> On 21/11/2012 11:50, Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:
> > Is that still so? When I talked years ago to our networking people,
> > they said they would buy the upgraded hardware the next time they
> > replaced anyway, as upgrading the firmware for new features was
> > prohibitive. I'd assumed that v6 was available in new equipment since
> > at least several years.
> There are three licenses:
> LAN base: static ipv4 routing only, no dynamic ipv4 routing, no ipv6
> IP base: static + rip/ospf/eigrp ipv4 routing, no ipv6.
> IP Services: static/rip/ospf/eigrp/isis/bgp ipv4 routing, static/rip/eigrp
> ipv6 routing.
> There's no isis/bgp4 ipv6 routing support on this platform at the moment.
> Assuming a 24 port C3560-X switch, the GPL cost is:
> LAN Base:                       $0
> IP Base:        C3560X-24-L-S=  $900
> IP Services:    C3560X-24-L-E=  $4900
> The switch hardware itself (WS-C3560X-24T-L) has a list price of $3400.
> I.e. the license to get even base ipv6 L3 functionality (e.g. interface
> configuration) costs almost 50% more than the price of the switch.
> This seriously sucks.
> Nick
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