Current IPv6 deployment methods in datacentres.

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On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 06:42:20AM +0000, Mike Jones wrote:
> Are any of you routing a subnet to all of your customers by default?

All our datacenter customers have their own VLAN, and get a /64 on
that, with a /60 reserved by default for "more subnets".

With "own VLAN", the customer is free to use any v6 address in their /64,
after all, there are no other customers to steal it from.

> Also, how many of you are actively filtering which IPv6 addresses
> customers can use, compared to on v4? I've also noticed a couple of my
> providers allow source address spoofing on v6 whilst filtering it on
> v4

Cisco-challenged networks...  Sup720 cannot do IPv6 uRPF in Hardware, 
so you have to do per-customer incoming ACLs to stop spoofing at the
source.  Can be done, is much more painful than "just turn on uRPF".

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