FYI - Lync 2013 supports IPv6 - Re: Skype 8 does not support ipv6

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Fri Nov 2 19:21:11 CET 2012

A list member sent me a private message asking why I thought IPv6 support for Skype might be possible given that Microsoft didn't have IPv6 support in their own Lync product.  That got me curious and I did some digging.  

In doing so, I was pleased to learn that the soon-to-be-released Lync 2013 now adds support for IPv6:


Here's someone walking through figuring out that IPv6 is supported by most aspects of Lync 2013 using the "preview" release available now:


This Channel 9 video gets into IPv6 support around the 36-minute mark:


From what I can find on the web, it looks like Lync 2013 is slated to be released soon, potentially this month.

Good to see!

Now, what does that mean for Skype?  Perhaps nothing.  Microsoft is busy selling Lync into US government agencies and other places where there may be mandates for IPv6, so they have a driver to get IPv6 support in the product.  That same business driver is probably *not* there for Skype.  

On the other hand, one of the features of Lync 2013 includes federation with Skype... and in a bit of that Channel 9 video they stated that one of their design goals was to enable Lync 2013 to work in an IPv6-only environment.  So... *maybe*... that might provide a reason to ratchet up the IPv6 attention within Skype.  (or not)


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