Skype 8 does not support ipv6

Pim van Pelt pim at
Fri Nov 2 16:29:07 CET 2012


2012/11/2 Cameron Byrne <cb.list6 at>:
> I am a generally very pro "let the market deside", but this is clearly a
> market failure and i think we need more "official" pressure brought to
> Microsoft on this issue. Skype is too big to fail :(
I'm interested to learn why you think that? (a) that the market
failed, and (b) that skype is too big to fail.
There are other players on the market (including large ones), who may
get a competitive edge by offering service over IPv6, or offering
service in a thin client (say a web browser), or offering better voice
or video quality.

Pim van Pelt <pim at>

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