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After waiting for more than one year after the purchase (and that was more
than a year after they said it would be IPv6 ready) CoyotePoint took back
their load balancer because they couldn't get the feature we needed
completed in the time frame we were looking for.  

We're now testing with Kemp, which we were told was IPv6-ready, but it
doesn't work with a very simple configuration.  Kemp said we ran into a bug
and we've been waiting 2+ weeks for a fix.  

Admittedly, both vendors are the in the "low cost" category.


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Back on World IPv6 day last year we turned up some service IPs on Netscaler
load balancers with some rather spectacular results.  I'd like to let folks
know that we have turned up several since then ( running NS9.3: Build ) and haven't had any trouble to date.  We haven't really put it
under any stress yet but plan to do so in the next couple of weeks.

Thought I would mention this for folks planning for IPv6 day 2012.

So far, so good.


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