happy CGN -- beating happy eyeballs and trending toward E2E success

Sander Steffann sander at steffann.nl
Wed Jun 13 11:23:02 CEST 2012

> > I can't claim credit for the idea, but perhaps instead of playing TTL
> > tricks CDNs can just load-balance differently.  If the requested query
> > type is an A RR, and the resolver's source IP is one of those known to
> > have v6 clients (or not one of those known to have broken v6) send
> > them to a datacenter that's a bit further away that the v6 datacenter.
> That is pretty good, in fact much better than playing TTL games, but not ideal because some network operator must assume the cost of additional transport.

And now there is also an economic incentive to use IPv6 ;-)

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