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"Roger Jørgensen" roger at jorgensen.no
Sat Jun 9 09:56:31 CEST 2012

> Hi,

> Being a hack, i always look to solve problems with DNS trickery first:
> Would aggressive caching of AAAA and aggressive non-caching of A
> result in beating happy eyeballs on OSX?
> I don't own any Apple products, so i cannot test this myself.
> i setup a very simple test web page
> http://test1.cgn.strangled.net/b.shtml
> DNS TTL = 1 day for A and AAAA (the control)
> and
> http://test2.cgn.strangled.net/b.shtml
> DNS TTL = 1 day for AAAA and 1 second for A (the experiment)
> To get the effect, you would need to refresh a few times to prime the DNS
> cache.
> Let me know your thoughts and results.

test1 gave me IPv6 first, then just IPv4. test2 gave me only IPv4. Running
macosx 10.7.4...


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