First ipv6 spam, and it's a good thing :)

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Mon Jun 4 18:45:31 CEST 2012

Le 2012-06-04 à 12:31, Matthew Huff a écrit :

> Just started testing the new version of Cisco Ironport 7.61 which is their first release that supports ipv6. We have it up and running and the AAAA record setup for one of our MX servers. Started receiving mail today via ipv6 with no issues so far. No surprise, got our first spam via ipv6 a few minutes after cutover J.

- of course, we have been receiving some for quite a while!!
- basic question related to your comment below: the spam was found by inspecting the content of the email  or by some IP reputation?


> It will be interesting to see how Senderbase and other IP reputation systems deal with the larger address range of IPv6.
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