CPE (SOHO routers) IPv6 auto-configuration

Max Tulyev maxtul at netassist.ua
Wed Jul 25 13:03:21 CEST 2012

Hi All!

Our company provide home ETTH service. We provide IPv6 via rtadvd inside
our network since 2006.

Unlike in 2006, nowdays almost all customers do not connect their
equipment to our ETTH net directly, but have their own home routers.
Rtadvd can't reach their devices inside, cutting off IPv6 connectivity
for that customers.

Is there any standarts to provide IPv6 through SOHO routers inside,
without customers assistance? What routers are capable, if any?

I see it like router gets the outside (WAN) interface via rtadvd and/or
DHCPv6 as usual, then somehow gets /48 assigned to that customer, and
set Nx/64 from that /48 to inside (LAN, WiFi) interface(s) automatically.

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