Decent 'domain analysis' site w/ ipv6

Mike Jones mike at
Mon Jul 23 13:24:07 CEST 2012


I was looking for something similar a while back and at the time
couldn't find any IPv6 capable tools so I wrote a DNS walking script
that you might find useful.

It's similar to dig in a tree style full trace, it will use the glue
records and it will also perform a recursive lookup using the local
resolver, then query all addresses found and display the results (it
also flags up differences between the glue records and the recursive

- Mike

On 19 July 2012 22:57, Brandon Applegate <brandon at> wrote:
> Looking for a site that will take a domain name, trace from root, walk all
> paths, etc AND has ipv6 support (looks for AAAA glue, tries to contact NSes
> via ipv4 and ipv6).  I can and do use dig manually to validate things like
> this.  This is more for some folks at work - it's sometimes nice to have a
> color coded dynamic page to show everything in one view.
> Thanks.
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