RIPE-555 fundamentaly changes the way how we can filter IPv6 & IPv4 martians?

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Fri Jul 20 17:28:16 CEST 2012

Dear colleagues,

On 7/11/12 6:41 PM, Chris Welti wrote:
> Dear IPv6 (and IPv4) network operators


> To me as an operator this raises the question on how I should now filter martians for
> the RIPE region?

After considering your feedback about RIPE-510 & RIPE555,
RIPEstat developers have created another visual interpretation of
RIR "delegations" data: an interactive widget in which you can query 
for any address space prefix (0/0, 2000::/3 or 5/8, for example) and 
receive a prefix size distribution as an output:

You can use the resulting output to determine a cutting-off point for 
the filtering based on the minimum allocation size: for example, if the 
213/8 block has only XX % prefixes smaller then /24, you might decide 
that it is safe to not accept those prefixes. Or you can go for the /25 
or /23 instead.

A data call API is also available for the scripting and creating your 
own favorite filters.

We are interested in your feedback:
- do you find this useful?
- how can we improve it, so that it suits your needs even better?

We already have multiple ideas for the additional features in the next 
release of the widget, but we are very much looking forward to hear from 
you and make a new widget or improve this one based on your needs!

More information is available in the RIPE Labs article:


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