v6 only CPE

Merike Kaeo merike at doubleshotsecurity.com
Thu Jul 19 14:17:45 CEST 2012

Does anyone know of a wireless CPE (1 WAN port, 4 wired LAN ports, wireless LAN) that I can buy in US  and that does native v6...without requiring v4?

- The Linksys supports v6 [well, 6rd or 'automatic' - no static configuration for a WAN IPv6 address]  and it doesn't let you configure an IPv6 LAN prefix [Linksys EA4500; firmware 2.0.37].....and no, I don't want to flash a special build......have that with other linksys devices - I just want to be able to buy one that does what it needs right out of the box

- The D-LINK is amazing with useful v6 configuration options but it still requires me to enter some v4 info on the WAN port even though I don't need it.....it won't let me leave the fields blank which is silly. [never mind that the antennae is underpowered....can't have it all]

It's really a simple set-up.....configure a /64 on the WAN side and a /64 on the LAN side.  And v6 DNS servers.  Just simple native v6 connectivity from my v6-wireless devices to my router with native v6 Internet connectivity.  I'm not even looking at any filtering or logging :)  Just plain WAN-LAN connectivity via native v6.

While I just this week bought new CPEs from the local OfficeMax thinking the IPv6 support as stated on the boxes is finally here I'm quite disappointed. Perhaps I'm just not looking at the right models.  I did upgrade to latest firmware that seemed to be available.  Looking for devices in the $99-$130 price range.

Thanks for any clues...

- merike

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