SNMP OID for IPv6 traffic

Liviu Pislaru liviu.pislaru at
Wed Jul 18 11:10:48 CEST 2012


I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but i'll give it a try:
Does anyone knows if there is any SNMP OID for IPv6 traffic on CISCO 
7600. I've deeply searched for this information, i've tried different  
version on IOS (SRCx, SRDx) but without any luck. It seems like there is 
no counter on CISCO 7600 for inbound v6 traffic (forwarded traffic not 

Everything works fine on Juniper MX (Junos 11.4.x ++)

Bytes In: .
Bytes Out: .

or Cisco CRS / ASR 9k (IOS XR 4.x ++)

Bytes In: .
Bytes Out: .

but unfortunatelly not on Cisco 7600 / IOS.

As an workaround, i use dot1q subinterfaces between Cisco7600 routers 
for v4 and v6 traffic but this is not always applicableat the edge of 
the network (CDN, PNI, etc.)

any hint will be highly appreciated !


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