ipv6-ops Digest, Vol 82, Issue 17

Brent Sweeny sweeny at indiana.edu
Sun Jan 22 14:17:05 CET 2012

K C,
first of all, I'm glad you're doing this, and am looking forward to your
data and findings.
I agree with you that --from my view, anyway--most v6 adoption,
especially early on, has been dual-stack.  Now, esp in China and a few
other places, we're starting to see real v6-only adoption.
I wonder if an accurate metaphor is something like cultural changes of
different types? (I first thought of language adoption, but that's even
slower than v6 has been!) Typically people don't leave the old behavior
behind completely, but mix them for a while, then find that the new one
is workable or advantageous enough that they can adopt it wholly. The
only reason I mention such examples at all is that I thought they must
have been already well-studied and some experience may be transferable.

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