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Ivan Shmakov oneingray at
Sun Jan 1 19:34:28 CET 2012

>>>>> Brian E Carpenter <brian.e.carpenter at> writes:
>>>>> On 2011-12-31 16:47, Ivan Shmakov wrote:


 >> As the traceroutes above start to differ at the link between
 >> 2001:15c0:ffff:d::d and 2001:15c0:ffff:7::2, I'd assume that one of
 >> these is in charge.

 > Ivan, Read

 > There are many possible explanations for Anycast 6to4 failures.  Some
 > of them are unfixable.

	In this case, I'm quite sure that the problem is that either of
	the two aforementioned routers have their 2002:/16 routes set to
	/dev/null or the like.  Which makes me wonder if anyone there at
	AMiS is reading this list and is willing to help?

	JFTR: their HTTP server at (2001:15c0:ffff:f::18)
	is also unreachable via 6to4 (from three distinct IPv4
	networks), but is perfectly reachable via both's 6in4
	tunnels, and via native IPv6 (from a single network in my reach
	which has one.)

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