Dear Akamai, you got a /32 there not a bunch of /48s - how to break Facebook and annoy lots of users

Tore Anderson tore.anderson at
Tue Aug 21 10:24:48 CEST 2012

* Brandon Butterworth

> But a larger one can't get a second /32 to separate hosting and
> enterprise networks. RIPE say you can deagg so there's no need. So
> there is little choice but to make things unfilterable.

Don't confuse allocations with assignments. A hosting provider would
need an allocation, from which they can make assignments to their
customers/end users. Their own enterprise networks could be considered a
"customer" too, by making an assignment to themselves from their PA

If that is not desirable, for some reason or another, the provider could
instead obtain a direct assignment (PI) from the NCC. They would not
have a second /32 allocation, but they would instead have a separate /48
assignment for their enterprise infrastructure. There would therefore be
no need to deaggregate the /32.

Tore Anderson
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