DHCPv6 PD server

Oliver olipro at 8.c.9.b.
Sun Aug 12 11:07:42 CEST 2012

On Thursday 02 August 2012 15:17:27 Gert Doering wrote:
> I can't see why they would to have to write the full daemon.  Just have
> a call-out API ("a script hook") that gets called whenever a PD lease
> changes would be perfectly sufficient.  Sorting out privileges won't
> be trivial, but "monitoring and parsing a leases file" - which is
> basically "internal data" - is not exactly good design either (if it's
> all you have, it's better than "no support", of course :) )
> Gert Doering
>         -- NetMaster

The ISC suite implements "OMAPI" for reading/writing/trapping on events - you 
should be able to write a monitoring daemon that connects to OMAPI for the 
purposes of being notified about PDs that have been handed out; much cleaner 
than poking a leases file :)


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