services on subnet-router anycast address?

Erik Kline ek at
Thu Apr 26 01:57:16 CEST 2012

On 26 April 2012 06:35, Sergei Lissianoi <sergeilissianoi at> wrote:
>> Lutz: Why do you think this was a subject-router anycast address?
> It fits the definition in RFC 4291, Section 2.6.1. Required Anycast Address

Probably we need a document in the IETF that clarifies that IPv6
specifications involving ascribing addresses with link-specific
properties, including but not limited to:

    [1] subnet-router anycast
    [2] general subnet anycast addresses a la rfc2526
    [3] the whole U and L bit mess

are recommendations specifically to the operators of the logical
administrative domain in which that link resides (or to the group of
operators if responsibility for a given link is shared by more than
one administrative domain) ONLY, and that link-specific properties
CANNOT reasonably be inferred by entities outside the responsible
operational domain(s).

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