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On 15/09/2011, at 16.34, Meftah Tayeb wrote:

> i know is not peered at all.
> that's i was looking for SIXXS cause SIXXS is mostly peered everywhere.
> Thank you

I think some of your comments show little actual experience with this.

From my viewpoint we try to be well-connected to "IPv6 internet" - sorry for not having a good term to describe this.

This means that we want our transit providers to be well-connected, which two providers AS16245 NGDC and AS3549 Global Crossing are with peering to Hurricane Electric
- and we started tickets to Level3 asking WHY the *bleeeep* they are not. is obviously a huge part of the IPv6 networks and a transit provider MUST be able to reach them, in my opinion.

Being well-connected though means connected to the resources you NEED - which is why this quickly becomes complex, as in
we can have the best speed and connectivity, but if some customer cannot reach network XXX then they still will consider our service BAAAAD.

Hint: most customers use facebook, googleservices, akamai etc. so the research you need to do is less. This realized you will probably see that some peer directly with these
even though peering disputes make them not want to peer with for instance.

There will be some period of time when people realizes they are not as well connected on IPv6 as before.

What this boils down to is, does SiXXS provide the connectivity you need?
- you should research their peerings and the network you are trying to reach

and likewise, does tunnelbroker provide the connectivity you need?
- you should research their peerings and the network you are trying to reach

Then from personal experience SiXXS is awesome, really reaallllly awesome, because:
They consider IPv6 PRODUCTION, even asking that you keep your tunnels working - with a point scoring system in place

They have written policies asking that you do not dns spam
"Our policy is immediate and irrevocable deletion of the user account and all resources linked to it, if anybody files a justified and documented complaint about the use of these hostnames within networks maintained by MNT-SIXXS (which means all tunnelservers in custody of our tunnelbroker software). DNS Spam and shellhosters/vhosters are not welcome at our service."

Thank you SiXXS!

Their service, or actually the various tunnel servers I have used are great, good speed - even if tunnels - almost no problems using for production

also from personal experience tunnelbroker is great, and quicker to get into - not requiring the same level of participation like sixxs.

Best regards

Henrik, AS12617 operator - we are very likely to peer with anyone that wants to BTW :-)

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>> ok, that's a positive answer.
>> but let me ask you a question:
>> do HE.NET peer with cogent? level3?
> Don't know, ask them. You can send them an e-mail, it's listed on the site.
>> that the way i'm looking arround SIXXS and they look like a IPV6 POLICE !
> I have had no negative experience with them, but your milage may vary. I don't know what the issue is and to be honest I don't want to know. But like someone said: barking at the wrong tree. Just open a HE account, it only takes 5 seconds. No need to pay, no need to send photocopies of anything. 
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