How to enable " ipv6 unicast-routing" to permit traceroute from 6PE to ipv6-cloud

Mark Tinka mtinka at
Wed Sep 7 09:44:48 CEST 2011

On Wednesday, September 07, 2011 01:54:10 PM Daniel Roesen 

> Seven and a half years later, still same situation.

Specs. for LDP and RSVP control planes for v6 have been out 
and discussed for a while now. But vendors are simply too 
busy and couldn't be bothered with this for now.

I've been banging on doors since 2007, same result. No 
commitment, no field demand, no code.

We're happy with running v6 BGP routes in our core at the 
moment anyway, as one of the biggest advantages MPLS brought 
was removing v4 bloat in the core.

In terms of VPN's, well, that still happens via v4, and 6VPE 
does not require v6 in the core (although it's what I would 
prefer, a la MPLS for IPv6).

TE for v6 traffic; well, we could revert to pre-MPLS days 
for now, given the bulk of the problems to solve are turning 
on v6 for the moment.

All the same, none of this makes me want to go 6PE. Happily 
smiling in native/dual-stack land here :-).

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