Maybe it's time to talk about rational routing

Martin Barry marty at
Tue Sep 6 09:43:13 CEST 2011

$quoted_author = "Brian E Carpenter" ;
> However, it seems to be time for a discussion about routing policy.
> The traceroute below reminds me of IPv4 around 1990. Is it really
> optimal to route from Auckland to Brisbane via Hong Kong and Los
> Angeles? Of course there are all the usual commercial constraints
> on policy, but this seems to be worse than that.

Pretty sure Hong Kong is just where Reach is headquartered, not actually
part of the path if you are reaching LA in ~130ms.

That doesn't take away from your point though. I think we'll be waiting a
while to see how IPv6 interconnection pans out in Oceania and SE-Asia as
smaller networks tended to be first movers while large incumbents are late
to the party. 


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