Transferring /8 networks between the RIRs

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On Nov 23, 2011 4:14 AM, "Seth Mos" <seth.mos at> wrote:
> Hi,
> New here, be kind please.
> I was wondering if there has been any thoughts or consideration to
> transfer unassigned /8 networks between the Regional registries to
> mitigate registries (like APNIC) that have already exhausted their pool.
> The quote from Geoff about expending the old IPv4 space as soon as
> possible tickled the mind.
> Immediately let all registries enter end-game simultaneously and use all
> the available free /8 networks to facilitate migration purposes and new
> customers that require PI space for dual stacking.
> A possible use of the space for CGN purposes might qualify, maybe?

Not very appealing

> The rules for distributing the last 5 networks to each RIR one seemed
> fair at a glance, but in retrospect not the most fair.
> Getting the whole globe acting in the same fashion at once might do more
> to get the deployment forward, maybe. Not so sure the world agrees with

So you want to transfer ipv4, which has an open market value of over 1M USD
PER /16, from developing economies to rich countries so they can continue
to do ipv4 with cgn, and not do ipv6?

Does this not raise "substantial digital divide " concerns ?

I assume you are truly looking at this from an ipv6 advocacy pov, but it is
clearly the road to hell imho.


> Kind regards,
> Seth Mos
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