Test your connectivity for World IPv6 Day

Grant Moritz grant.moritz at avcon.org.au
Sat May 28 06:24:09 CEST 2011

All working here from Australia on native V6.

On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 6:28 PM, Mirjam Kuehne <mir at ripe.net> wrote:

> Dear colleagues,
> The RIPE NCC is preparing some measurements for World IPv6 Day. One of them
> is the IPv6 eye chart, a web page that allows you to test your connectivity
> to selected dual-stacked web sites and World IPv6 participants. The goal is
> to see if an end user has connectivity problems to dual-stacked websites.
> You can read more on RIPE Labs:
> http://labs.ripe.net/Members/emileaben/world-ipv6-day-ipv6-eye-chart
> The test can be found here: http://ipv6eyechart.ripe.net/
> If you have any questions or want to be included in the test, please
> contact us at labs at ripe dot net.
> Kind Regards,
> Mirjam Kuehne
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