Test your connectivity for World IPv6 Day

Jim Kirby jkirby at datawareservices.com
Fri May 27 21:47:43 CEST 2011

I think something might be happening on a carrier network.  I could reach these sites yesterday but not today.  traceroute6 shows a path through my direct ISP but I get admin prohibited from their upstream provider (Sprint I think).

FYI, I'm in Sioux Falls and both of my providers do at least some peering in Minneapolis (at 501?).  Not sure but it could be related.
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On May 27, 2011, at 2:29 PM, Dan Oachs wrote:

> Anyone else seeing problems getting to the ipv6 version of FreeBSD.org, 
> IETF.org and a couple of others?  My traceroutes die after about 5 hops 
> somewhere on he.net's network I believe.
> Thanks for the nice website.  Without these tests I would have never 
> known we had an issue connecting to some of them via IPv6.
>     Thanks,
>         Dan Oachs
>         Gustavus Adolphus College
> On 05/27/2011 03:58 AM, Mirjam Kuehne wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> The RIPE NCC is preparing some measurements for World IPv6 Day. One of 
>> them is the IPv6 eye chart, a web page that allows you to test your 
>> connectivity to selected dual-stacked web sites and World IPv6 
>> participants. The goal is to see if an end user has connectivity 
>> problems to dual-stacked websites.
>> You can read more on RIPE Labs:
>> http://labs.ripe.net/Members/emileaben/world-ipv6-day-ipv6-eye-chart
>> The test can be found here: http://ipv6eyechart.ripe.net/
>> If you have any questions or want to be included in the test, please 
>> contact us at labs at ripe dot net.
>> Kind Regards,
>> Mirjam Kuehne

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