Virtual hosting provider Linode announces v6 support

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Wed May 4 02:06:29 CEST 2011

On May 3, 2011, at 11:09 PM, Jared Mauch wrote:

> So, I'm at fault because my OS can only put a single /128 per jail()/prision and make a decision based on that?

Very much appreciated that you use the feature but could you please stop
confusing users with your imprecise comments.  Thanks.

That OS has been able to do more than a single address for a jail for
v4 and v6 since May 2009 in any release (i.e. FreeBSD 7.2 and later and
with that in all currently supported releases).
Actually it has always been able to do more than a single /128 for
IPv6 since IPv6 for jails has been supported.  I am running jails
with quite a few addresses.

It is true though that you cannot assign a /64 to a jail without
experimental features but then you'd still need to configure each
address you'd want to use on the interface (inside the jail) so it's
only a matter of who configures it, which usually isn't a problem
with hosting providers these days as you get your webui to configure
things for VPS serivces and are happy.

That all said I have also seen hosting providers where you get a /64
on your pvlan but then they have nd table limits so you are trapped
by the time you have a dozen and five IPv6 only https hosts for those
4% being able to reach them out there.
Then there are others who'll happily route you an extra /64 to each
of your boxes or give you a /56 or /48 and let you do what you want.
And these are just "mass market" click and provision already but mostly
for bare metal customers.

Looking around there are plenty of VPS services also providing IPv6 as well
and shared web hosting also gets it more often these days and I'd actually
be a lot more happy with single individual restricted addresses (as long as
I can add more without any hassle - no fee, full automation) in these
environments as a /64 on a shared LAN with hundreds of instances where
people might have their own root account sounds like a horrible thing to me.
Just seen that for v4 on a Xen instance somewhere again and *cough* ...
The fun they had ... *cough*  For that the software stacks in these
environments are just not ready yet properly handling and filtering nd6, etc.


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