Setting the "other-config-flag" or O-bit on a Cisco ASA

Frank Bulk - frnkblk at
Thu Mar 24 19:39:34 CET 2011

Good point.  But changing a customer's network topology to get IPv6 support
is not a winning approach.  Hopefully Cisco can surprise us and get that
feature put in earlier rather than later.  We have quite a few customers
that use a small ASA their edge network device.


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Another option you may be able to consider is to run the ASA in transparent
mode and letting the router route.  This depends on your topology, of


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> Frank,
> I am afraid that there is currently no way for ASA to set the O-bit (or
even the M-bit or the router priority)...
> Next version (end of this year) should have those needed features...
> Some customers are using a Linux box to send RA with the O-bit
information, same prefix and low priority
> -?ric
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> > We have customers that use an ASA and would like to use stateless DHCPv6
> > their Windows 2008 server to get the DNSv6 servers.  I don't see "ipv6
> > other-config-flag" on our ASA nor in the documentation.  How do people
> > this off?
> >
> > Frank

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