Handing out DNS server from Cisco local pool

Ole Troan otroan at employees.org
Mon Mar 21 22:09:27 CET 2011


> If I want to hand out an IPv6 DNS server via Cisco's local pool for the WAN
> interface, how is that done?
> With IPv4 it's just a:
> interface Virtual-Template1
> ppp ipcp dns <IP 1> <IP 2>
> With IPv6 it's supposed to run DHCPv6 over the WAN link, and Cisco's "local
> pool" command hands out IPv6 addresses very nicely:
> ipv6 local pool ipv6pool-lns <IPv6>::/56 65

btw: I'm not that keen on the local pools. if you can use RADIUS and give out a static prefix on each PPP link instead.

> but there appears to be no way to specify the DNSv6 address(es).

define an ipv6 dhcp pool, e.g.
ipv6 dhcp pool <foo>
 dns-server <bar>

and add "ipv6 dhcp server <foo>" under the virtual-template interface.


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