Curious choices made by Cisco/Tandberg

Bill Owens owens at
Thu Mar 3 16:35:56 CET 2011

We have a Cisco/Tandberg H.323 endpoint, the C20 model. This week the network engineer who takes care of it decided to do a code upgrade to fix a security problem, and found out that the firmware now supports IPv6. Good news, right? Well, not exactly:

Network [1..1] IPStack
Select which internet protocols the system will support.
Requires user role: ADMIN
Value space: <IPv4/IPv6>
IPv4: IP version 4 is supported.
IPv6: IP version 6 is supported. The IPv4 settings (IP Address, IP Subnet Mask and Gateway) will be disabled.
             ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^^^

Yes, that's right, you can have IPv6, but only if you're willing to forego IPv4. On the one hand, I want to applaud their optimism. But I'm too stunned by the cluelessness. . .


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