Experiences with IPv6 peering?

Daniel Austin daniel at kewlio.net
Thu Mar 3 09:21:15 CET 2011


On 03/03/2011 08:01, Elmar K. Bins wrote:
> dr at cluenet.de (Daniel Roesen) wrote:
>> Welcome to HE.net trying to become Tier1 in IPv6 by refusing to take
>> transit as they do in IPv4. :-)
> And why exactly would anyone really want to *buy* from Cogent?

You dont have to buy from Cogent, they could buy transit from anyone.

Of course, this would mean they couldnt say they're a "tier 1" provider 
in the conventional sense - but surely global reachability comes before 

We take IPv4 and IPv6 transit from both Cogent and Level3 here in the 
UK.  I see no path to HE from either (for IPv6).  For IPv4 all my paths 
go to global crossing and then to HE.

Luckily, we also take a backup feed from OCCAID which is our one and 
only path to HE and their customers via IPv6.  If/when this fails, we 
have no path to HE at all via IPv6.

Mike: I know you're on this list.  If you'd like me to confirm if/when a 
path is available via Level3 feel free to contact me off-list and i'll 
re-check it for you (for testing purposes, I used 2001:470::/32, 
2400:7a00::/32, 2600:3c01::/32, 2610:98::/32, 2a00:15d0::/32 and 
2a02:1668::/32 lookups in the GRT)



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