[ipv6-ops] Experiences with IPv6 peering?

Aaron Hughes aaronh at bind.com
Wed Mar 2 17:35:07 CET 2011


This is not typical and is only (afaik) a problem with Cogent and HE being in a stand off. As things stand today, there is no tier1 IPv6 provider. H.E. is the closest and most complete routing table. Luckily if you are at just about any peering point in the world, you can pick up the rest of the table quite easily.


Hopefully Cogent and H.E. will come to some flavor of agreement before we all have to deal with the split IPv6 Internet we do today.. Personally, I believe Cogent will lose this battle.


On Wed, Mar 02, 2011 at 10:27:55AM -0600, Chase Venters wrote:
> I recently acquired my first native IPv6 address space for our
> organization in the hopes that we could take a stab at participating in
> World IPv6 day. Cogent provided the address space on connectivity they
> provide us at the Dallas Infomart.
> The first thing I tried to do was to ping some of my addresses on
> Hurricane Electric's tunnelbroker, which I use at home. "No Route". Then
> I found this:
> http://ipv6.he.net/bgpview/24h_history/COGC-6NET-0001.html
> I contacted Hurricane Electric, who informed me that Cogent doesn't have
> a path to them.
> The thought of being the "IPv6 engineer" in our firm and thusly being
> the only one who wouldn't be able to access our site on world IPv6 day
> is silly, but if I started putting in AAAA records that's just what
> would happen.
> Is this par for the course with IPv6 peering? What kind of improvement
> are we likely to see between now and June?
> We don't have any DNS magic like Google does (to try and hand out AAAAs
> only to known good peers). We're using Dynect for DNS... they support
> IPv6 but I don't think they have anything like Google's split view
> technique implemented.
> If I publish AAAA records on World IPv6 day, will I just be cutting off
> some IPv6 users from our site? (Never mind the 0.1% of IPv6-broken users)
> I should point out that I'm not trying to point the finger at Cogent...
> to their credit, our other provider advertises IPv6 but their sales
> people inform me it's only available on an optical GigE handoff and
> won't be available on smaller circuits until at least 60-90 days. The
> Cogent program is specifically labelled "Beta" and we had no problems
> participating.
> PS: If anyone is curious to ping me on Cogent, try 2001:550:2:49::1:2.
> Thanks,
> Chase
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