HE.net packet loss?

Mike Leber mleber at he.net
Thu Jun 23 00:10:57 CEST 2011

I just looked for a ticket from you and didn't find anything.

Please mail details to noc at he.net so we can take a look at it (mtr or 
traceroutes from both sides would be great if you can get it).

We aren't saturating on any ports in Chicago or Atlanta.  We did do some 
core router software upgrades and reboots in the last 24 hours, so that 
may have been what you saw.


On 6/22/11 1:06 PM, Bjoern A. Zeeb wrote:
> so what's the deal with the HE.net packet loss I have been seeing for days in Atl and Chi on IPv6?  Is anyone else seeing this?
> Bjoern

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