OpenSource IPv6 monitoring software...

Jima jima at
Fri Jun 17 17:51:43 CEST 2011

On 06/17/2011 08:32 AM, Xavier Beaudouin wrote:
> Hi there,
> I looking forward on OpenSource Monitoring software that support IPv6... Seems that old stuff like nagios (and thousand of packages based on this) doesn't have very good support about IPv6... Needs to add a second monitor... etc... ->  pain in the ass.

  I too am using Nagios (3.0) for monitoring single- and dual-stacked 
systems.  With 3+ you can set variables per host; I use this to define 
the IPv6 address for the host, and then have a second set of service 
checks for IPv6 services (and affiliated hostgroups) that probe against 
the variable instead of $HOSTADDRESS$.

  NRPE is in fact IPv4-only, although there are patches floating out 
there that add IPv6 support to check_nrpe and the nrpe daemon.  (I wrote 
one for the latter, although it admittedly has its bugs, particularly in 
ACL support.)  Both patches can be found here, in addition to 
(apparently) some links to other efforts to IPv6-enable NRPE which may 
be cleaner:


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