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On 13/06/2011, at 13.12, Matthew Ford wrote:

> On 10 Jun 2011, at 21:46, Maximilian Grobecker wrote:
>> Well, it's a bit more than before but it shows clearly that most
>> participants used it as an experiment and stopped it
>> on June 09, 12:00 AM.
> er, actually no, that's not what it shows at all. Most participants weren't IPv6-enabled a couple of months ago.
> Most participants used World IPv6 Day as a stimulus to IPv6-enable their main website, and have been sufficiently happy with the results they've decided to leave it so enabled.

Hi all

We have two sites that I managed to convince to go dual-stack, and

They are still IPv6-enabled and I am very happy for this opportunity to measure the level of IPv6 in Denmark
- both sites carry danish information, being a news site for tech stuff while the other is a major danish newspaper. 

The funny part is that the generic newspaper Information most of the time exceeded the number of IPv6 readers on the tech site.

I will see if I can find time to do some more specific measurements, but my gut feeling is that Windows 7 and automated tunnels are responsible
for this - in Denmark we are very keen to adopt new technologies like new versions of Windows (why not Mac and other Unix dammit! ;-) )

FYI, you are very welcome to report any problems to us at:  noc at

hlk at bigfoot:hlk$ host has address has IPv6 address 2a02:9d0:2999:1::101
hlk at bigfoot:hlk$ host has address has IPv6 address 2a02:9d0:2999:1::110

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