How to advertise IPV6 prefixs over IPV4 BGP Session

Thomas Schmid schmid at
Thu Jun 9 09:56:06 CEST 2011

On 08.06.2011 16:21, Herlianto wrote:
> Dear All,
> I need your advice how to advertise iPV6 prefixs over IPV4 bgp Session.
> Just now, Akamai team ask to advertise IPV6 prefixs that will be used for
> Woorld IPV6 day over Existing IPV4 BGP Session.
> Thanks for your sharing.

not sure what you're using, but we had this running for several months
with Akamai on IOS-XR. Just add address-family ipv6 under the neighbor.
But with IOX 3.9 there was a change in behavior insofar as it became
mandatory to have a (dummy) IPv6 address on the originating interface
(usually Loopback). Took us some time to work out ...



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