Facebook and IPv6 Day

Leen Besselink leen at consolejunkie.net
Wed Jun 8 23:00:17 CEST 2011

On 06/08/2011 05:32 PM, Will Lawton wrote:
> The goal for 'today' was to get IPv6 enabled, not to move from v4 to v6. Getting the entire site working under IPv6 was a much larger task than any one engineer was able to drive at this time.
> We will continue to work towards getting all of the backing code able to support an entire IPv6 supported site, but for now it is dual-stack and still requires some IPv4 connectivity.
> -Will
Also a lot of performance consious webdevelopers would tell you that a
lot of websites use atleast 2 domains for their website.

Not just for use with a CDN but also for old browsers especially IE6
which one use 2 connections per hostname to connect to the website.

So they use a seperate hostname(s) for certain static files so the
browsers opens more connections and thus loads faster.

An other reason is that other domains make sure cookies are not used in
requests for the static files, this is because many people have a
smaller upload than download as their Internet connection. Uploading
requests with large cookies for each and every file turns out to be a
pretty big performance hit.

Cookies don't bleed to different domains used in the same page, so that
is why that works.

Now if you have a website with AAAA record in DNS and IPv6 does not for
this user the HTML of the webpage would take a lot of time to load
because you are waiting for it to timeout before trying the A-address.

Sad enough this process of waiting for a timeout setting up a connection
repeats itself for each and every request (or more likely connection, I
can't remember just now). So if all the static files are on IPv4-only.
Atleast the rest (the static files) of the page loads smoothly.

Have a nice World IPv6 day,

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