Citrix Netscaler Fragmentation Issue

George Bonser gbonser at
Wed Jun 8 20:29:41 CEST 2011

> We had the vip up for a week without a problem.  Put it in DNS at the
> start of WIPv6D and it ran for about 9 hours until the "magic" client
> hit it and blew up the LB.
> We have had another VIP in service for months without any problems, a
> "magic" client apparently hasn't hit that one.

By the way, the exact build on the balancer is:

NS9.2: Build, Date: Jan 19 2011, 11:55:08

It worked fine for about 9 hours before it locked up, it worked fine for
another 9 hours or so after it locked up before we the vendor fingered
the cause and we took it out of service.

During the time that it was up, we did see a number of hits from
apparently native v6 users (T-Mobile android phones, for example).


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