How to advertise IPV6 prefixs over IPV4 BGP Session

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  You have to be receiving a dual-stack connection from your provider and request an IPv6 address and neighbor to peer with.  You can then set up separate IPv6 and IPv4 peering sessions over the same link.

Juniper example:
(I changed the actual IPs for security purposes)

re0> show configuration interfaces fe-2/0/1
description "Type:Peering|ISP:xxxx|Ctype:FE|ASN:N/A";
link-mode full-duplex;
unit 0 {
    family inet {
        filter {
            input counters;
            output transit-out-filter;
        sampling {
        address (ipv4 address)/23;
    family inet6 {
        address (ipv6 address)/64;

re0> show configuration protocols bgp group peers
type external;
description xxxx;
import peer-receive;
export peers;
neighbor (ipv4 neighbor) {
    description LINX;
    peer-as 9999;

re0> show configuration protocols bgp group ipv6.peers
type external;
description "xxxx IPv6";
import ipv6.peer-receive;
export ipv6.peers;
neighbor (ipv6 neighboor) {
    description "xxxx ipv6";
    peer-as 9999;

rtrabld-re0> show bgp summary | match 9999
(IPv4 peer)         9999       5616       5908       0       0 1d 22:45:51 5/5/5/0              0/0/0/0
(IPv6 peer)        9999       5613       5901       0       0 1d 22:45:56 Establ

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Dear All,

I need your advice how to advertise iPV6 prefixs over IPV4 bgp Session.

Just now, Akamai team ask to advertise IPV6 prefixs that will be used for Woorld IPV6 day over Existing IPV4 BGP Session.

Thanks for your sharing.

Best Regards,


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