unreachability (Re: Test your connectivity for World IPv6 Day)

Francis Dupont Francis.Dupont at
Tue Jun 7 00:07:26 CEST 2011

 In your previous mail you wrote:

   [Bcc to folks @ ISC so that they are aware of this thread, peek into it
   and most very likely also resolve it]
   Seems something is dropping ICMP and thus most very likely also
   jeroen at noc:~$ tracepath6
    1?: [LOCALHOST]                        0.011ms pmtu 1500
    1:                  0.921ms asymm  2
    9:              165.910ms asymm 12
   10:  no reply
=> I have the same thing from my home, the only difference is
the first MTU is 1480 as my ISP is Free and uses 6rd.


Francis.Dupont at

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