Test your connectivity for World IPv6 Day

Kurt Jaeger ipv6-ops at c0mplx.org
Mon Jun 6 16:54:09 CEST 2011


> Any details on the reachability issues to www-dualstack.akamai.com?
> What does this test tell you?
>      http://s.a.ak6i.net/a1/results/demo.html?user=YOUREMAIL

Dual-Stack site behavior:	IPv6 Preferred: Dual-Stack sites prefer to use IPv6
IPv6 connectivity:	Successfully able to retrieve IPv6-only content.

> What nameserver A record does resolving whoami.akamai.net indicate
> that you have?

The IPv4 IP of my DNS server 8-(

What is required to teach bind to try to query via IPv6 ?

pi at opsec.eu            +49 171 3101372                         9 years to go !

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