Anybody running pcap traces?

Fernando Gont fernando at
Wed Jun 1 21:03:07 CEST 2011

On 05/31/2011 06:10 PM, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
>> I was just curious about whether you were trying to infer which
>> algorithms are deployed, or what. -- FWIW, David Malone published a
>> document that measured this.
> No, I'm not looking at that at all for now, although the trace files
> will in fact include whatever flow labels the sources are setting,
> so I guess that analysis can be done later.

mm... I guess you are/were trying to infer how your algorithm would have
worked with the captured {src,dst} addresses and protocols?

> I could also use the same test harness to run the algorithm
> in draft-gont-6man-flowlabel-security-01.txt against the traces.

Please do. It should result in virtually no collisions.

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