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FYI, 6connect ( has a commercial IPv6 IPAM tool.  


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Hi Graham,

On 1/4/11 2:39 PM, Graham Beneke wrote:

> What tools are available for tracking and recording IPv6 assignments 
> within an organisation? 

This is a summary of the similar questions and discussions in the last 
year at nanog and other lists.

So, no personal nor operational experience, but a lot of links.

Vesna Manojlovic
RIPE NCC trainer

(with the disclaimer that RIPE NCC does not endorse any of the mentioned 
commercial tools, etc....)

Free IPAM tools that do support IPv6:

# IPAT (IP Allocation Tool)
# NetDot
# HaCi
# FreeIPdb
# Infoblox IPAM Freeware

Following tools did not support IPv6 (in May 2010), but it was in the 
list of planned features:
ONA (OpenNetAdmin)

Commercial IP Address Management (IPAM) Tools with IPv6 support
In alphabetic order:

Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP DNS/DHCP IP Management Software & Appliance
Bluecat Networks / Proteus Enterprise IPAM Appliance
BT Diamond IP - IPControl(TM) Sapphyre Appliances
BT Diamond - IPControl(TM) Software
Crypton UK - EasyIP(TM)
Incognito / Address Commander(TM)
Infoblox IPAM ExpressT Solution
Internet Associates IPal
Men & Mice Suite: IPAM management module
Nixu NameSurfer Suite

Other related commercial products that also support IPv6:

EMC Ionix IPv6 Availability Manager
NetCracker (Operational Support Systems or OSS) tool
OPNET IT Guru (R) Network Planner

Other tools:

network monitoring/analysis systems that support IPv6:

     * ntop has been ported to ipv6--although I am unsure of the 
     * cold is a snffer/analyzer with ipv6 support.
     * wireshark is a fantastic sniffer/analyzer, and it supports ipv6.
     * snoop comes with Solaris 10, and it supports ipv6.
     * tracepath6 and traceroute6 come with the iptraf package for linux.
     * ethereal has a non-commercial version.
     * iperf lets you simply monitor ipv6 tcp/udp performance.
     * mtr uses traceroute and ping,
     * nagios is a host/server/service monitoring tool.
     * weathermap creates a visual network diagram showing health.

& finally:

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