Greenfield IPv4 + IPv6 broadband deployment

Adam Armstrong lists at
Sun Feb 27 01:23:50 CET 2011

On 26/02/2011 23:30, Dan White wrote:
> On 26/02/11 18:07 +0000, Adam Armstrong wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm currently in the planning stages of a large scale broadband 
>> deployment, with the hopes of doing sane dual-stacked v4/v6 to every 
>> subscriber from day one.
>> I know the CPE issue has been talked about to death, and I'm pretty 
>> unhappy with the situation there at the moment, but for the time 
>> being I'm assuming CPE are not an issue.
>> All transport is ethernet, with subs being dragged back to a small 
>> number of central gateways. I'm looking at a mix of DHCP and 
>> DHCPv6-PD to distribute addresses. PPP isn't an option.
> Some of this has already been mentioned by Frank and Martin and others.
> I'd recommend investing in a good router (or routers) which support
> subscriber management, and try to design your network so that your
> customers terminate to it via Q-in-Q VLANs (or ATM or PPPoX where
> appropriate), and handle your layer-3 enforcement on that router rather
> than at the edge.

That's the plan currently. Purely layer 2 back a couple of very large 
devices doing layer 3 aggregation. Still deciding on 1:1 or 1:N VLANs.

> Assign static v4 addresses, or enforce DHCPv4 leases on the router. Use
> proxy ARP to allow customers to talk to each other if you want (a good
> subscriber management router is going to have all that).
> For IPv6, assign or identify customers via subnet rather than 
> individual v6
> addresses, where you can get away with it. Assign a /64 per layer-2
> broadcast domain (one broadcast domain per customer if you can), and
> provide a unique RA per customer. Set up a pool of DHCPv6-PD subnets (/56
> or /48 per customer) that customer routers can request from, or 
> configure a
> static DHCPv6-PD pool per customer if that makes sense. Configure the
> 'Other configuration' flag in your RAs so customer routers retrieve DNS
> servers dynamically.

My primary issue at the moment is that I can't see a clean way to manage 
100K static v6 prefixes via DHCP.

It's possible I'm missing something obvious, but it doesn't seem to be 
coming to me no matter how hard I look.

> Consider how you're
> going to handle the inevitable abuse complaints your
> going to receive (SPAM and Copyright violations), and how you're going
> to identify which customer triggered the complaint.
Argh :)


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