IPv6 multihoming

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On Mon, Feb 07, 2011 at 02:43:03PM +0000, Siraj 'Sid' Rakhada wrote:
> Looking at the above URLs, I see where it mentions that operators should 
> filter prefixes longer than /32 - section 5.2 on Gert's filter page. 
> This is something I missed on previous readings!

Don't take this document verbatim, use it to start your own thought
process, and then do what makes sense for you.

Whether or not operators want to permit /33.../<whatever> from /32s
is still under discussion - I've tried to push this to the RIPE routing
working group, as this is really something "operators should agree upon",
but so far (unless I've missed something), the routing WG hasn't been able 
to come to consensus what they want to see as "official recommendation".

I'd *really* like to see operator consensus here, instead of a single
person (me :) ) just stating something...

(Now, I'm a strong believer in aggregation, but I also recognize that
there are cases where ISP networks are run by the same entity but 
for some or the other reason are not connected - so they have a single
/32 for both [or even multiple] parts, and *need* to deaggregate...)

For end user connections, I think the strongest recommendation still
holds: register your prefixes in a suitable IRR DB, and accept only 
registered route6: prefixes from your customers.

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