Blackholing IPv6 traffic RTBH

Jon Harald Bøvre jon at
Fri Feb 4 20:26:14 CET 2011


For blackholing undesired a common practice (according to Cisco) is to 
route the undesired traffic to test-net
ip route Null0

Working on implementing this in a dual-stacked network I could easily 
find a /64 (or perhaps /128), but standarization in the internet 
community makes this easier to document and understand
My idea was to to map to a 6to4 prefix to ensure this to be 
ipv6 route 2002:C000:0201::/64 Null0

I wonder if there is any RFC or best practice for how to do this in IPv6?

Jon Harald Bøvre
Hafslund Telekom Nettjenester

My purpose is to do source and destination based remote triggered black 
hole routing (RTBH) for IPv4 and IPv6 equally. I believe there will be a 
lot of misconfigured IPv6 systems coming.

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