IPv6 teredo blackout June 8th

Ole Troan otroan at employees.org
Wed Feb 2 21:21:59 CET 2011

>> I want to open up a discussion on the potential failure of the teredo relays
>> around the world on IPv6 day and anything we can do to mitigate it.
> See comments from other regarding Teredo. This is probably a non-issue
> at large. I'd rather worry about 6to4...
> I wonder what current scalable 6to4 relay implementations are out there,
> short of DIY Linux/BSD boxes. Cisco has 6to4 since aeons - but what
> about scaling on "hardware" forwarding platforms? Juniper unfortunately
> still doesn't implement 6to4 relay encaps on any router platform.
> Sparing a 10GE port on MX for tunnel service 6to4 here and there would
> certainly be the low hanging fruit for many folks here - no joy though,
> too late I guess.
> No debate on the big suckage factor of global anycast 6to4 - but we all
> should carefully consider deploying 6to4 relays to unsuck 6to4 as far as
> possible. Question is: what do we have in the toolbox currently? Also
> we should think of a BCP how to deploy such relays (I never operated a
> globally advertised anycast 6to4 relay myself, so cannot comment or
> guesstimate how many things we can do wrong when trying to do so).

what if we combine IPv6 world day with deprecate 6to4 day?
everyone with public 6to4 relays stop advertising the IPv4 anycast address and 2002::/16 on June 8th.


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