I-D Action:draft-azinger-scalable-addressing-00.txt

S.P.Zeidler spz at serpens.de
Wed Sep 29 10:51:22 CEST 2010

Thus wrote Nick Hilliard (nick at foobar.org):

> On 27/09/2010 23:36, Fred Baker wrote:
> >seem to think that the IETF (and therefore the vendors, as operators
> >tell us they don't like to attend IETF meetings)
> In my case - and I suspect many others too - it's not a question of
> "don't like", but rather "can't justify the budget or time
> required".

What Nick said. Would love to attend, would have to pay it myself, look at
the price tag and pass. As to mailing lists: if you are a full-time
employee and can't read IETF mailing lists on company time, it gets
difficult. I'm currently trying to follow CGA-EXT and failing dismally :-}
And that does have a direct impact on the (future of) my job.

spz at serpens.de (S.P.Zeidler)

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