Addressing Plans -- Bottom-up?

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Fri Sep 10 00:46:35 CEST 2010

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From: Devon True <devon at>

Talking with a co-worker about our IPv6 addressing plan and he mentioned
reading about some providers starting at the end of their /32 rather
than the beginning. I did some Google searching and reading through this
list's archives, but could not find anyone talking about that. Is anyone
addressing from the "bottom-up"? The approaches I saw were "top-down".

One thing to think about is the allocations that may be reserved for you.  Here in ARINland we got a /32 and the following two other /32s were reserved.  If you take blocks out that you want to reserve for testing and you do it from the end of the /32, they become the middle of the block when you get the neighboring space.

<--- /32 --->   <--- /32 --->    <--- /32 --->
^                                           ^  
|                                           |
reserved           customers in          reserved
for 'stuff'        the middle           for 'stuff'       


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