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Tore Anderson tore.anderson at
Tue Oct 26 12:26:56 CEST 2010

* Ole Troan

> cool!


> if I show up in your statistics, then I am only demonstrating to one
> of my colleagues how badly things go when I turn on the 6to4
> interface on my Mac. (41 appears to be blocked in the particular
> corporate network I'm using).

No problem, we're not really doing any brokenness measurements at the
moment.  I'm expecting my graphs at to plummet for
today/tomorrow (as broken users will have troubles becoming part of the
data set in the first place), but what will be really interesting is to
see is if the graphs return to the same level as before or not.

The questions we're trying to answer are:

1) Is the brokenness issue really a big problem or not?
2) How does broken end users respond when they actually feel it?

Admittedly we don't do this in a very scientific way.  More the overall
feeling based on feedback on Twitter, blog posts, telephone, test page
form submisssions and so on.  And the preliminary conclusion is that
either the broken users have gone quietly elsewhere for their news, or
they just fix it (something which we try to help with as much as we can
with the test page - will
show you how a broken or 6to4/Teredo-using user will get suggestions
based on his User-Agent header), in the end making the brokenness issue
not a big concern.

By the way - do you get the nice little "you have a network problem"
alert box in the lower right corner on when the page finally
loads?  We don't have any OS X machines to test with right here...
We had some troubles with IE just showing it as plain text in the end of
the page on our test machine with intentionally broken v6, while Firefox
and Chrome worked fine.

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