In an IPv6 future, how will you solve IPv4 connectivity?

Benedikt Stockebrand me at
Mon Oct 11 18:52:06 CEST 2010

Hi Thomas and list,

Thomas Schäfer <thomas at> writes:

> "In an IPv6 future, how will you solve IPv4 connectivity?"
> The short answer  is: Not.
> In an IPv6-future we don't need a worldwide ipv4-connectivity.

and the slightly longer answer: If customers actually still want IPv4,
sell it to them---and charge them accordingly.

Basically, anybody who wants to talk to both the vintage IPv4 and IPv6
worlds should be running dual-stacked.

After all, it's not that the Internet/v4 will eventually break down
from one minute to the other.  It'll get increasingly expensive,
unreliable and functionally limited by workarounds, but customers who
have reason to stick to IPv4 for some reason can be catered for,
simply by selling them IPv4 connectivity.



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