How to preempt rogue RAs?

Fernando Gont fernando at
Sun Nov 28 07:50:10 CET 2010

Hi, Tim,

>> My take is that this will fix the "accidental" rogue IPv6 router
>> problem, but not the malicious router IPv6 problem.
> How does RA Guard not help with the malicious rogue RA problem?

More about this off-list (but will come back to the list shortly, with
tools, etc.)

>> I'm in the process of crafting some code to actually check the idea I
>> have in mind... and will share afterwards.
> Have you looked at ramond (on sourceforge)?

Yes. However, even when I have not actually tried it, my comments would be:

If you get to the point in which RA's can be sent by anybody, sending
RA's with a lifetime of 0 doesn't look like the right way to go. For
instance, RA's with a LIfetime of 0 are yet another DoS vector (to
remove *legitimate* routers from the default router list). Furthermore,
I'd argue that you shouldn't discard routers merely because you've
received an RA with a Lifetime of 0, but rather you should discard them
after checking that the corresponding router is not useful (e.g., your
TCP connections do not make forward progress, etc.)


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